Acibadem Health Point Knee Replacement: A Comprehensive Guide

Acibadem Health Point Knee Replacement

Living with chronic knee pain may be incredibly debilitating, since it makes even the most basic tasks, like walking or climbing stairs, a real struggle. Knee replacement surgery provides a solution for many people, allowing them to walk freely again. Patients seeking first-rate knee replacement treatment might get it at the illustrious Acibadem Health Point. Let’s take a closer look at Acibadem Health Point’s extensive knee replacement treatments.

Overview of Acibadem Health Point

As a premier healthcare provider, Acibadem Healthcare Group is well-known for its cutting-edge facilities and expert doctors and nurses. Acibadem Health Point is no exception. Among the many medical services provided by Acibadem Health Point is specialist orthopedic care, such as knee replacement surgery, all with an emphasis on patient-centered care.

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

What is Knee Replacement?

A surgical technique that can alleviate pain and impairment is knee replacement, which is also called knee arthroplasty. It involves replacing the surfaces of the knee joint that bear weight. Many knee illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and others, undergo this procedure.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries

  • A knee joint that has been completely replaced with prosthetics is known as a total knee replacement (TKR).
  • A partial knee replacement (PKR) involves replacing just the injured knee.
  • The term “revision knee replacement” describes a second operation to fix or replace an existing prosthesis.

Reasons for Knee Replacement

When various methods of alleviating severe knee pain or dysfunction fail, a knee replacement may be considered. Some common explanations are:

  • Knee and joint pain
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Injuries sustained in a fall
  • Major knee damage

Preparing for Knee Replacement Surgery

To get a successful knee replacement, one must be well-prepared. To make sure they are healthy enough to have surgery, patients go through a battery of tests and examinations. A full battery of diagnostic procedures, including imaging scans and blood work, may be part of this process.

The Knee Replacement Procedure at Acibadem Health Point

Preoperative Care

Thorough preoperative consultations with nursing personnel, orthopedic surgeons, and anesthesiologists are part of the treatment provided at Acibadem Health Point. Before surgery, each patient gets specific instructions on how to take their medications, what to eat, and how to get physically ready.

The Surgery

At Acibadem Health Point, they use cutting-edge equipment and procedures to conduct knee replacement surgery. Usually, what happens is:

  • Giving a sedative
  • Cutting a hole to reach the knee and removing worn cartilage and bone
  • The process of inserting the artificial parts
  • Finishing the cut

Postoperative Care

Recovery is greatly aided by postoperative treatment. In order to aid in the healing process and forestall problems, patients at Acibadem Health Point are attentively observed as they get pain medication, wound care, and early mobility exercises.

Benefits of Knee Replacement

Among the many potential advantages of knee replacement surgery are:

  • Efficacy in decreasing pain
  • Increased flexibility and performance
  • Improving living conditions
  • Prolonged durability (many implants have a lifespan of 15-20 years)

Risks and Complications

The risks and hazards of knee replacement surgery are the same as those of any surgical procedure, and they include:

  • The disease
  • Clots in the blood Loss of implants
  • Damage to the nerves

To guarantee patient safety and reduce these hazards, Acibadem Health Point uses stringent processes.

Recovery Process

Initial Recovery

Staying in the hospital, managing pain, and beginning physical therapy all make up the first stage of recovery. As soon as possible following surgery, patients should be able to bend over and walk with support.

Long-term Recovery

Continuing physical therapy, gradually increasing activity levels, and frequent follow-up sessions are all part of a long-term rehabilitation plan. Within three to six months, the majority of patients are able to resume their regular routines.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

For a knee replacement to be a success, rehabilitation is essential. An individual’s strength, flexibility, and mobility might be the focal points of an individualized rehabilitation program at Acibadem Health Point.

Success Rates and Patient Outcomes

Acibadem Health Point takes pride in its excellent track record of satisfied patients. These remarkable outcomes are the consequence of a mix of cutting-edge surgical procedures, seasoned doctors, and extensive rehabilitation programs.

Testimonials from Acibadem Health Point Patients

Acibadem Health Point has a long history of satisfied patients who have had knee replacement surgery and made full recoveries. The medical team’s exceptional level of attention and skill is emphasized by these testimonies.


If you or a loved one are dealing with chronic knee pain or impairment, knee replacement surgery at Acibadem Health Point may be the answer. At Acibadem Health Point, we prioritize individualized treatment plans that incorporate cutting-edge medical technology and thorough rehabilitation to guarantee the highest potential results for our patients.

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